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Our guiding principle is “helping our clients help themselves”.

There are certain steps and procedures you need to take before you can begin your therapy at the GEMMA Institute.


Starting your therapy


Therapy application:

We ask you that you fill in the self-disclosure report before your therapy begins so that we can properly prepare. Once we have received the report, we will generally contact you within two to three weeks. At this time, we will discuss our services and concept with you and plan the next steps together.

You would need to fill in an application to provide us with the following documentation/information:

  • stopSelf-disclosure report
  • stopTerms & Conditions agreement

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Probationary session:

In the next step, we have anywhere from two to four sessions (probationary sessions). During these sessions, you have the opportunity to ask questions and get more information about how the therapy will progress.


Short-term/long-term therapy:

If necessary, an application for short-term therapy must be submitted to your health insurance provider after the fourth probationary session at the latest. We will submit this application together. Short-term therapy involves a maximum of 24 sessions. After this period, an application for long-term therapy must be submitted to your health insurance provider in order for the therapy to continue.

Long-term therapy requires assessment from an external auditor and health insurance providers can choose to cover treatment at their discretion. If we receive approval from your health insurance, this will allow us to hold up to 100 sessions. You are not required to have all 100 sessions. A limited number of sessions from the long-term therapy programme can be used for two years afterwards to prevent recurrence of symptoms or issues.



We work together with public and private health insurance providers as well as self-pay clients.

Consequences of diagnoses:

Psychiatric diagnoses (F diagnoses) often make it difficult for clients to switch health insurance providers. Often clients are no longer able to sign up for private health insurance after receiving an F diagnosis.

Even if clients opt to take out additional insurance coverage (e.g. occupational disability insurance, life insurance), they still tend to be rejected by insurance carriers after receiving an F diagnosis.

In order to avoid having an “F diagnosis” entered into your medical records, you may choose to opt for self-payment. We are happy to offer you a personal consultation regarding the various payment options.